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Dance of the Mylomoors
 Higher-Resolution (84KB)
1."Dance of the 
Night 'n Gull
Higher-Resolution (88KB)
2. "Night 'n Gull"
Message Gull
Higher-Resolution (106KB)
3. "Message Gull"
Gull 'n Gillnetter
Higher-Resolution (98KB)
4. "Gull 'n Gillnetter"
Ya Lookin' At Me?
 Higher-Resolution (84KB)
5. "Ya Lookin' At Me?"
Raging Gull
Higher-Resolution (143KB)
6. "Raging Gull"
Higher-Resolution (140KB)
7. "PeliConvoy"
Higher-Resolution (124KB)
8. "Bringing Home the BaconFish"
Long Day's Journey Into Dusk
Higher-Resolution (143KB)
9. "Long Day's Journey 
Into Dusk"
Come Back, Sun!
Higher-Resolution (105KB)
10. "Come Back, Sun!"
Mom, Can I Bury Dad In The Sand?
Higher-Resolution (171KB)
11. "Mom,Can I Bury 
Dad in the Sand?"
Horse 'n Around
Higher-Resolution (139KB)
12. "Horse 'n Around"
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